Dancetours in Istanbul


A few years ago the idea was born between the good friends Ahmet Turan Demirbağ and Turgay Onatlı, to organize a dance trip to Turkey. And of course this would be best in Istanbul! The city offers excellent opportunities for an unforgettable dance journey. In the lively metropolis east and west meet in a harmonious fusion, resulting in cultural activities of great diversity and many interesting possibilities. Given the fact that Istanbul has been for hundreds of years the capital of many kingdoms, the city is full with historical sites. But Istanbul is more than a treasure keeper of ancient cultures. The city expands and renews itself, as do its inhabitants. In addition to the excellent dance classes with the most famous teachers of the Conservatory, Ahmet and Turgay will show you the city in all its aspects

Since the founding of the Republic, numerous researches have been done, and still are done, on Turkish Folk Dance. This work is so productive that it eventually came to a scientific level. This led ultimately to the opening of Folk Dance departments at numerous universities, amongst them the Turkish Folk Dance Department of the Conservatory of the Istanbul Technical University. These studies enhanced the level of quality of Turkish Folk Dance and spread it over the country. Almost every elementary and secondary school has a folk dance group. Local instructors from different regions come to Istanbul and they enrich the folk dance world of Istanbul with the teaching of their dances and dance styles.

Ahmet and Turgay are both “rooted” in this folk tradition. They have danced in various groups, started their own, and perhaps the most important thing is that they have danced together. Ahmet is a recognized authority in the whole of Turkey for Turkish Folk Dance and works in the Turkish Folk Dance Department of which he was the co-founder, amongst many other things he does for Turkish dance. Turgay has continued the folk dance work in Europe and has become one of the most famous Turkish Folk Dance teachers. Through the organisation of this dance trip they revive with great pleasure their shared past. Their co-operation guarantees a dance trip with live music, good teachers and above all sharing their enthusiasm with their guests.